Count Love

Protests for a kinder world.

After George Floyd's murder on May 25, 2020, protesters in the United States spoke out against police brutality and for racial justice with historic geographic breadth. Based on the protests that we've documented from articles across 3,394 local news sources, these racial justice protests are the first that have occurred since January 2017 in/near at least congressional districts and cities.

In the map and table below, we highlight each of the cities that has hosted one or more protests for racial justice since May 25, 2020. Cities appearing for the first time in our dataset with the tag For racial justice are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Cities with protests for racial justice since May 25, 2020. Hovering over a city will show a total count of distinct protests found in news articles for that city. Darker circles represent cities with more protest activity.

*denotes cities that hosted their first protests in Count Love's racial justice dataset since January 2017