Count Love

Protests for a kinder world.

New Protest Categories, Positions, and Details

Americans have protested diverse topics since the 2017 inauguration. Here are the dates that we observed new protest types, topics, and details.

Protest Data Explorer

A graph visualization of protests in the United States.

Immigration Protests

Protests for and against immigration reported in local news since January 20, 2017.

Gun Protests in America

Protests for and against gun control reported in local news since January 20, 2017.

Cards for Everyone: A Year in Protests

We sent cards to every Senator and House Representative to let them know that their constituents advocated for a more compassionate country in 2017.

Map of Most Common Protest Topics

A map of the most common protest topics by state.

Time Lapse of Protests

A time lapse showing all protests against the current administration, between inauguration and today. Protests have taken many forms, from nationally coordinated efforts to simple grass roots responses to specific policies.

Our talk at the 2017 Personal Democracy Forum

We spoke at the 2017 Personal Democracy Forum, sharing the story behind Count Love, explaining how we collect data and describing some interesting trends in what and where people are protesting.

Why and How We Count Anonymously

An overview of our technical privacy implementation to keep submissions anonymous.